Saturday, September 29, 2012

I like to call it a catchlace.

I hope you raided the man caves and fishing departments! Such potential.

I decided to make another necklace.  I think it turned out quite swimmingly ;).

 So here's a funny shaped little guy! If you can find one of these guys, I suggest painting with metallic paint, or mod poding sections of a picture on it. 

If I wasn't out of ink, TOTALLY would opt for the picture.  That is such a fun way to wear your memories.
 But I have a lot of paint.  And I am very much in a messy-awesome mood for things.

I am a little tired of the perfection look.  I kinda like a little alternative now and then.

So basically I just used a makeup sponge to make interesting color bleeds and lines, thicker acryllic paint that you refuse to water down makes for awesome textures!

I used silver and red metallic on this one.
 And then for a similar look added some red streaks to these silver dudes.

And then I decided against using more of the copper ones, as I liked them in the other bracelet from last week.

Then just put it on a necklace chain and go for it! Pin It Now!

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