Friday, October 4, 2013

Western Wedding Cake

There is something about the first weekend in October that makes the cakes we do turn out really cute.  Last year, exactly this time, we made a cake that will probably always be one of my favorites.  This year, we had an order for a western wedding cake that was simple and elegant.

For this, we used the tip that is usually used for basketweave with the ridged side facing the cake to make the fence border.  I used a large open round tip to make a scalloped piping that looked like a rope. 

I used the basketweave tip again to make the ribbon around the middle layer. It is easiest to do this with a good turn table that does not resist when you spin that way you can rest your elbow on your leg or table (depending on height) and keep the bag steady while you spin with your other hand. 

I used the same wide round to make the silver medallion on the middle tier, which I tend pulled more straps through with the brown icing.

We finished it off with a few roses in the brides colors and of course some glistening sugar.

I love this cake, it was simple and beautiful and I really think the couple is going to love it.

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