Thursday, October 3, 2013

Washi Tape Canvas Wall Art

This is such a simple way to make some really cool wall art, and all you need is two sizes of washi tape (a thicker and thinner one) and a canvas of whatever size you like.

I made mine wrap around the sides and edges because that was just simpler to keep it more clean looking. To do this, I just made the strips longer so they could wrap around the sides.  For the top strips, I made a couple of centimeters worth of tape rise over the top.  I rolled that tape back and stuck it to the back of the canvas, then folded the top 1/3 of each end of the tape down before wrapping the sides back and sticking to the back of the canvas.

I really like the two travel-themed tape canvases on the left.  I encourage you to experiment with different prints, because you can very quickly come up with some visually interesting things.  You could stick letters or other embellishments on these if you so chose to fit your design.

The best part is, there is no drying time and they can easily be done in under ten minutes! That is my kind of art.

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