Sunday, October 13, 2013

Easy Bling Hair Bow (done on a bobby pin!)

You will need:
-A strip of black vinyl or desired fabric, about 1 to 1.5 inches wide and 5-6 inches long (can vary by desired outcome, you can make it as wide and big as you like of course) plus a strip .5 inch wide and long enough to wrap around the center (2 or so inches, you can trim later)
-Sewing machine and needle/thread
-jewels that can be sewn on (I snarfed mine off a corset that I am retooling for potential Halloween, but you should be able to pick some up at a craft store or use a sparkly material for the center)

Fold your strip over and sew the ends together (top left picture).  I use my sewing machine, but you might be equally fast by hand.  Flip it right side out again and (with the seam in the back middle) fold it toward you in half, then fold the edges back to make it look like a bow.  Secure these with a few stitches (middle left picture).

On your strip to cover the center, sew the little jewels on.  I sewed the top part of the strip onto the bow next, wrapped the other end around it and trimmed as needed, then secured with more sewing.

Use the same color of thread just so any rogue stitches blend right in of course ;).

Once you have that all secured, flip the bow over and put a bobby pin in between the strip you just sewed and the bow itself.  Sew it in as best you can, going around and through the end and pulling tight. 

Technically, you wouldn't have to secure it on.  You could just make these bows and put a pin in them whenever you wanted to wear them, no big deal.  However, I CONSISTENTLY lose bobby pins and so I wanted mine to have dedicated ones...I know when I move there is just going to be a mountain of pins somewhere in this apartment...

Now, a single bobby pin does not a secure hair fix make.  I highly suggest that either you wear these with a style that does not need them for support (e.g. a sock bun) or that you put two pins in your hair to secure it back (if, for example, you are just pulling a little section back and want a bow) in an X and then stick this pin with the bow in through them.

That 3 pin technique is about the only way my hair will stay in bobby pins.  The mane is quite unruly and it takes the holy pin-ity to get it to act right.  One lone pin would absolutely never stay put in my hair.

I am not actually a frilly, bow wearing girly girl, so the sheer fact that I A) made this thing and B) actually like and have been wearing it all day (just to sit around in my apartment no less) says a lot.  I got some black vinyl in a clearance bin at Hobby Lobby, and plan on using it for multiple cute things like this.

I think it would be cute to give these as gifts and make a few out of different material.  You could put them on cardstock and title it "Wear When You are Feeling..." and then have three different bows and moods. I would probably do this one as edgy, a satin type material one as sweet, and something colorful as creative.  It would be really inexpensive and totally cute.

Another useful thing to do with these is pair them with crochet hats and headbands.  If you have some you just want to dress up, you would probably be able to send the pin down through and under the headband or hat to add a quick little personal touch.

I knew I was going through a fashion change, my moods and tastes change every so often and my neon phase is clearly and resoundingly over.  I am surprised that my tastes now involve bows, though...I was always the kid that literally ripped barrettes out of my hair and hid them so I did not have to wear them to school.

True story, total brat.

Happy crafting! Pin It Now!

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