Monday, October 28, 2013

Lemon Dill Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Ingredients per two wraps:
-2 romaine lettuce leaves
-2 chicken tenders or one chicken breast
-1/4 C cooked wild rice blend
-6 asparagus spears
-1/4 C mushroom slices
-Fresh Dill
-Fresh Lemon
-Salt pepper
-EVOO or butter, your preference

I cooked my asparagus, chicken, and mushrooms together in a pan with a little water and about a half TB of butter.  I sprinkled about a teaspoon of dill over the whole dish, focusing mostly on the chicken, and squeezed a little lemon juice over it.  Make sure you salt and pepper everything.

I added a little more dill to the chicken when I turned it over.  Once your chicken is done (I cut mine into smaller pieces to make sure the inside was completely cooked since mine had been frozen) you can divide the rice between the romaine leaves, top it with half the mushrooms, asparagus, and chicken, and then put a few extra little dill sprigs to finish it off.

I was really happy with how this turned out, and actually a little surprised.  I got this idea because I ate out about 5 times over the span of about 60 hours...which made me feel like a beached whale (figuratively and rather exaggerated).  When I went to Meijer to grocery shop, I stayed solely in the produce and egg areas and did not even buy bread.  The bread thing though is also due to the fact that my Meijer ONCE AGAIN did not have my very favorite Eurograin bread.

This is getting tragic, it is changing my eating habits...

No actually I am pretty happy that this has all worked out like it did.  I signed up for MPerks finally and even though I bought a lot of produce, my order only came to 16 bucks which was a welcomed change, especially since it included restocking my chicken supply.  I doubt that the fresh dill will last as long as my cilantro has, but I intend on storing it the same way to test it out.

This many weeks for a fresh herb is pretty impressive.  That glass of water and plastic bag are champs.

Anyway, I hope to provide some more tasty lettuce wrap recipes this week for healthy lunches!

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