Saturday, October 26, 2013

DIY Decorative Pumpkin

You will need:
-a small white craft pumpkin or real pumpkin (I got a small craft one for $4 at Target)
-Black puffy paint

I always want to decorate my apartment for fall, but I am really not one to use real pumpkins because I don't want to have to worry about them getting old and such.  Basically, I want to be able to be as forgetful as possible while looking like I actually take the time to get festive.

I also love all the cute pumpkins that you can buy at Hobby Lobby and places that are all swirled and awesome, but I never really want to pay money for them.  I will also admit that I am terrible with decals, and mine never go on very smoothly.

My solution? Make them myself!

So all I did was put a simple swirled design  around the sides, leaving a relatively round section where I could put a monogram.

I freehanded in the monogram, but you could also mark on it with a pencil and then go over it. 

You could add color if you like (black glitter would be amazing) and if you ended up not liking the black on white you could always spray paint the pumpkin to make a solid color with a raised design.

This took very little time to put together, it is lightweight, and it won't rot!  That is my kind of decoration.

Happy crafting! Pin It Now!

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