Thursday, October 24, 2013

Batgirl Halloween Costume (mostly from my closet)

-Corset, which could easily be swapped out for a black tube top, bathing suit (tankini) top, or even a tank top
-Black leggings
-grey over-the-knee boots (Naughty Monkey Fuel Me Up, for any boot lovers out there.  I found them on amazon a few years ago and LOVE THEM)
-yellow high belt (Body Central)
-Batman earrings (Flea market find!)
-Cape, children's size for less than $10 from Meijer

I made the bat sleeves by picking up some yellow calico fabric from Hobby Lobby, wrapping it around my arm to figure out how wide to cut the strip, and then tailoring it from there.

I also put black trim on the ends of them. When I cut the strip originally I made it where I would not have to cut any off the top that would be where the widest part of my arm is.  I sewed on the black trim first by wrapping a strip of black vinyl (had it leftover) around the edge of the fabric and sewing it down.

Now that I think about it, it would actually be much simpler to cut the fabric where you had a wide enough strip that would wrap all around your arm, long enough that it would cover it.  Then you would only have a seam in the back....much better.  Do that instead.  Sew the black trim on first still, then wrap it around your arm and either creatively pin it yourself or have someone else put pins and markings in the material so that you can taper it.

You may want to make the bottom of the sleeve a little wider than your wrist to account for getting it over your hand.

I cut little bat emblems out of the black vinyl and rough tacked them on.

For the legs, I suggest making a panel of material to tape inside your boots that goes about 3/4 of the way around your leg.  This will make it easier for it all to move together, especially when you are dealing with over the knee boots.

I am considering a bat necklace of some sort but I might just leave it all as it is and not worry about it.  So far, I have about $15 invested in the whole outfit.

That is not too shabby!

I will probably wear my hair in a sock bun and put a bow in it, because with the way the weather is being here it will probably snow, and my hair gets really staticky.

Happy crafting! Pin It Now!

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