Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cheap Halloween DIY Decoration

What I used (all purchased from Wal-Mart):
-1 skull mug (about $2)
-1 pack of white tissue paper ($1)
-1 red glow stick ($1) or a couple LED lights for eyes (4 pack for $2.50)
-Optionals: Twizzlers (peel apart kind), Hershey kisses or candy, spider rings, and a marker

So for the top right skull, I stuck a red glow stick down in some tissue paper and stuck it in the mug.  Then, I wrapped the top of the paper all around the top and wrapped twizzlers around it to make it look like a brain.  Even just having the white tissue paper in it was cool because of the red glow that it creates.

For the other two, I put tissue paper in the bottom up to the eyes.  I put LED lights in with the bulbs pointed out toward the eyes and then filled the rest up with Hershey's for the left bottom one and tissue paper for the right bottom one.

I wrapped the twizzlers through the kisses for the left one and then drew a spider web for the right one and put spider rings around the rim and on the top. 

These were really cute and cost hardly anything! I think the spider one is probably my favorite.  If you don't want to use Twizzler's, you could always use something like red puffy paint, some round ribbon, or just draw on it with a marker.

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