Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Presidential Enigma

Well another four years has zoomed by and we find ourselves back in the boat of needing to vote for a president again.  I have never been one for politics, but believe it or not twitter of all things is making me far more in tune to what is happening this year.  Or maybe it is just because I am growing up and now want to pay a little more attention.

Four years ago I was not impressed with either choice.  I didn't see McCain doing anything other than keeping us in bed with the oil companies and probably drilling as more as he could find holes to pull it out of, no matter the cost of the environment.  I kind of liked Palin oddly enough, but it may just be that female rebel spirit that I liked.  And as for Obama, I really didn't see him doing much of anything, and I can't say he proved me wrong.

I remember the Obama campaign with all the optimism and sunshine and butterflies and clean coal.  Really-clean coal?  Give me a break.  They even tried to make coal sound like sunshine and butterflies.  There is maybe some slightly-less-polluting-than-what-we-are-currently-using coal.  But last I heard what he was really talking about was China coal.  Uh yea we have a lot of coal here, and the emissions from the transportation that you will go through to get it here? Does not make it cleaner.

He like everyone else shied away from really pounding home alternative energy.  I am pretty sure that if I got to play president like some of these people get to, I would have the entire western US going to geothermal energy.  Why oh why are we paying heating and cooling bills in an area that has so much geothermal potential?  Iceland runs its entire country practically on alternative energy, and a lot of that is geothermal.  And yes, Iceland is one of the most geologically active places in the world, but the western US has this big o sleeper named Yellowstone.  And I would venture to guess there is plenty of heat far and wide from that beast and the other outlying geologic activity.  There is absolutely no reason that there shouldn't be more alternative energy out there.

I don't know who the Dems plan to send out to the party this year, whether they will stick with Obama or send out another.  But if it is Obama, I am begging the republicans to put out a halfway decent candidate.  I know that almost every president has had their issues and made their mistakes, but all I know that Obama has done is played golf and gone to Hawaii like every other month.  Oh yea and tried to pass a health bill that a lot of people didn't want.  He did at least get some legislation that might allow me to stay on my dad's insurance until age 26...that at least could be potentially beneficial.

Now, as for even suggesting anything like the DREAM Act, I would have liked to have seen him impeached.  Illegal population is growing because we are allowing it to continue, I don't necessarily think that means we should give them college for free.  I have no issue with people coming here legally. 

The republican nominees so far are making me uneasy.  I really don't know a lot about them, but so far the whole thing has just seemed like a big name calling fight like a bunch of elementary age kids arguing.  Get over it. 

Tonight, Mitt won the Florida primaries, and he tweets that everyone should remember what it is really about: Beating Obama.  Ok really? Your whole reason and joy of winning is to beat Obama? How about change America? Fix our debt issue? Fix our illegals issue? Find ways to educate and get OUR OWN PEOPLE jobs.  Or FEED OUR OWN KIDS.

Or find a way to make young teens stop having freaking babies left and right.  And for that matter, stop the five generations of welfare living in the same house and driving Escalades.  Or all the people cheating the system to get food stamps.

We have MUCH bigger issues than simply beating Obama.  If Obama won't fix them then yes it does start with beating him but to make it sound like that is the only goal was a terrible way to word it and quite frankly lacked maturity and integrity.  But there has been so much mud slinging already in this race that perhaps integrity is already a lost cause.

The point is, I really don't want to see this election botched.  Obama got in, he got to be the first black president and golf all the time and vacation and whatever, but the next person who gets in (I do not care about race or religion or anything else for this statement) needs to be ready to get to work.  Get to work on the debt.  Get to work on revamping our foreign aid.  And fix the systems that are constantly being taken advantage of. 

And KUDOS TO YOU Indiana, for moving forward with drug testing for welfare people and for politicians.  That is something I consider a step in the right direction. Pin It Now!

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