Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolutions, Schmesolutions.

Every year, billions of resolutions are made, and every year, billions are abandoned.  I am awful about it.  I think New Year's is that time of year where we really reflect and look back and know exactly what it is that we *should* do and where we *should* go with our life.  So we start out trying, and most times figure out it is a lot harder to change than to stay the same, and so we go back to doing whatever it was we had been doing before.
Hopefully I can break some of my bad habits.  My resolutions are as follows:
  • To not date another boy that makes my brain flatline.  I am a fairly smart girl, and I am just going to have to face the facts that I cannot be happy with another guy who I cannot debate things with, who doesn't know anything about current events, or doesn't have useful bits of information to bring to the table (though not the only thing I would look for in a guy).
  • To learn to cook healthy, delicious, savory food.  I am pretty good with desserts, I even make a legit low-cal cheesecake that no one would ever imagine was lowcal.  But one cannot live on cheesecake alone (sadly), so to the land of savory I must travel.
  • On a more serious note, I want to be able to help people more.  To see what they need and help where I can.  I want to do things that make me the kind of person that sets a good example for others.
  • And probably most important, I want to really decide what I think of everything about religion, study it better, and live accordingly to the best of my ability.
While reading the Steve Jobs Bio he had said that one of the biggest mistakes religious people make it living too much based on faith instead of actually living like Jesus lived and being an active person striving to do good and make a difference.  Don't so many of us end up like that, religious or not? We sit around saying things like "if it is meant to be it will" or "it will all work out" instead of going out and making it happen.  Yes God very much could force humans to do everything that they were supposed to, but what would the point of that be? I very much believe in free will and that we were given this gift so that we could move and be an active person dedicated to making things happen. God gave us the tools, and even more importantly, the ability to use them.

I am looking forward to 2012, though with some intimidation toward it.  I have to find a job or go to grad school, which means I have to find a job or find a full ride scholarship/full tuition to a grad school.  I really can't afford a lot, and really need to find some place that can basically pay for everything.  No pressure right? Ha. 

To whoever reads this, I hope your New Year has started well, and that you are able to achieve whatever goals you are after.  Or at least learn from the ones that you can't.  I feel like the best life lessons are learned in failures and times of trouble. 

Oh, and no, I do not believe that 2012 is the Mayan Doomsday.  Pin It Now!

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