Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Same Knife Different Finger

On Friday, I went to wash dishes, and by the way I hate washing dishes.  So I grab the biggest knife we own to clean it and I geniously sent it flying into my finger. It created a little knick, and later on when I was driving home I figured out it must have bled.  There was a lot of dried blood on my finger.

So today, I was making some spectacular cheeseburger pasta.  I added BBQ sauce and it was delicious.  However, while I was chopping up a few slices of bread to fry up like croutons I managed to cut a tiny piece of the tip of my finger off with that same large stinkin knife. 

What does that knife have against me anyway?

I am addicted to amazon prime instant streaming.  I have watched tons of Grey's Anatomy.  I should be in bed right now actually, I am super incredibly tired, and yet here I am watching more Grey's.

However, I started an internship.  It was really fun today, although might have been much better without being insanely tired.  But my bosses are very nice, and I actually got to talk to the lady I work with about the books I am reading about faith and heaven.  And she gave me interesting magazines on sustainability and green issues. 

Should be interesting and full of shenanigans! Pin It Now!

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