Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Well since this is my little corner of the ever widening web, I can do with it what I will.  And that includes throwing my own little celebration and letting out all of my excitement over my recent news!

First, I won an iPod Shuffle.  I was so excited!  I don't win things all that often, so it is pretty exciting, even though I could have bought my own for like $50 bucks.  But it is so much nicer when someone else wants to give you a $50 present.  Especially since I don't have $50 to blow on an iPod Shuffle...

WHICH does relate to the fact that I bought 2 pairs of shoes on, but they were buy one get one free.

I was celebrating for winning a $1000 scholarship a few days ago.  I was not sure I was going to get it and then out of nowhere they emailed me back and they gave it to me! It is for doing an internship, and the internship is unpaid, so it definitely evens out.  It doesn't require all that much paperwork or anything so it should be pretty nice.  I just have to remember to do a short blurb tomorrow that they may use in their ads or whatever.  My 15 minutes of fame, yes?

Next celebration.  I also found out today that I can go on an expenses-paid trip to DC and surrounding places with my Honors group. I am on a full ride here at school and have been a part of this group all four years, though I have not been nearly as active in it as I should have.  So the mere fact that they are extending the offer after I could not go last year is amazing.  My best friend was getting married during the trip last year which was out west to the Grand Canyon.  And you just don't miss your best friend's wedding.  The GC will wait.

This DC thing works out great though, I might not have ever really gone there using my own money as there are other places I'd prefer to visit first, but this is amazing! I am super excited to see the capital and everything and if we fly it will be my first time on a plane (which I wish I had not just realized because that is kind of scaring me). 

So YAY!! Celebrate! WOOHOO! I am very happy.  Now if I can just get some graduate assistantships and my Master's degree paid for, it will be the perfect cap. 

As for the inevitable buzz kill, I have a mountain of cleaning to do.  A mountain.  So tomorrow, I will internship, video blurb, and clean clean clean the night away.  Intermixed with copious amounts of yummy food and good cooking.  Of course.  You can't just not have that :).

Is anyone else getting messed up by this crazy weather? It has been insanely warm here comparatively.  I figured that my skin would be fine with this.  You see, every winter my legs break out extremely bad and get ultra dry and chapped so to speak and it sucks.  SO I figured that with the warmer weather they would hold their moisture and I would not have to deal with this.  But for some strange reason my legs are on fire, I swear I am havin hot flashes or something, or else it is just because it is warmer outside and the heater in the complex is still on no doubt.  But mountain dew doesn't even taste as good as usual and I have been drinking tons of water.  And my skin on my face looks like it is wrinkling.  So I must be somewhat dehydrated.  But I don't see how with all that dumb water and tea and whatnot.  I don't think my body understands how much it needs to like the taste of dew again. 

Yea, yea you probably didn't wanna know all that.  But that's the beauty of blogging, you never had the chance to tell me to shut up :).

Live long and prosper, yes? Pin It Now!

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