Sunday, January 8, 2012

Silver Linings, Hearts of Gold.

Today was not my day. At all.

My delightful Christmas Break ended today, and I really did not want to come back.  I am not going to be in my element as much this semester because I am taking classes only in the Tech Building and none in the Science Building that I am so used to.  It is weird.  Extremely weird.  So I packed all of the rest of my stuff up and waffled around at home, not wanting to leave.  I was not sure why I felt so weird about leaving- I assumed it was just because I don't really like leaving wherever I have become accustomed to.

In hindsight, I think I should have taken it as a warning.

I am driving north on the interstate towards my friends house to drop something off, and along the way my cruise control goes completely out.  Cruise control is my absolute favorite feature on any vehicle.  I would take cruise over a radio any day.  Maybe not over AC/Heat, but I consider that a necessity.  Regardless I called my mom to let her know what the deal was.  In the back of my mind, I said to myself, what if I turn it off and it won't come back on.

I hate that little voice sometimes.  It's like she foreshadows the future.

I got to my friends house, hung around for a bit, went to leave, and of course it wouldn't start.  I called my mom again, called my dad, and waited.  My mom was on her way, and my dad just googled what could possibly be wrong.

Now I know that there was most likely not a whole lot he could do, but if it had been something like a fuse or a plug or something pretty small like that my dad could easily fix it.  But I am really not sure that it ever crossed his mind to come see if he could help.  Granted, he was probably 200 miles or more away...but my best friends dad I really think would drive that far if I was stranded.  My dad, however, turned off his phone a couple hours after it happened.  He had talked to me about the fuses and stuff and googled a few things, but when I tried to call him after the second time my car broke down, it went straight to voicemail.

It kind of bummed me out.  I mean my best friend's dad gonna have to walk me down the aisle some day too at this rate?  He was, after all, getting ready to drive over and look at my car as soon as he got off work.  Which he had already worked nearly 12 hours.  It meant a lot to me that he would even consider it.

My mom came and saved the day, like always. Hopefully the issue with the vehicle is just a little electrical glitch.

I finally got back to my apartment which should have been a 2.75 hour drive or so, six and half hours after I had started heading toward it.  I got in and made some pasta, and realized I had never eaten lunch.  I also practically messed up my pasta beccause I decided to throw in colby jack cheese which really does not work with italian herbs at all.

A short time after I got back here, I saw yet another silver lining.  I turned on the Broncos Steelers game about 4 minutes before it ended.  And spent most of that four minutes cheering, panicking, jumping, and celebrating as the Broncos took it in to overtime.  I got excited when they got the toss.  And I jumped up and down when Tebow threw that gorgeous pass and Demaryus Thomas ran for an 80 yard TD, sealing the OT win.  Best.  Game.  Ever.

And then I find out that Tebow throws for 316 yards...3:16, very interesting! His average yardage was 31.6, yet another 3:16.  Either that is the most entertaining coincidence, or it is one outstanding sign.  Either way, it made my day a lot better.

And the Steeler's day a lot worse haha.

I look back on today though, and it really does make me smile in the long run.  I have family and friends who will always be there for me, no questions asked.  And I am not mad at my dad, he is who he is and does what he does, but without his genetic input I would not be on the planet.  And that is really all I need in life.  


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