Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jenna Plays Barista

So I am currently suffering from a scorched tongue.  Jenna got the brilliant idea that she should try to make a hot caramel apple cider...what I failed to recall was that I ALWAYS burn my tongue on Starbuck's hot caramel apple cider.  Oh, and I so geniously put it in a thermal mug.  Maybe in an hour I can actually drink it haha. 

I think some people have lost their sense of adventure.  A lot of people look at things and they don't think they can do it, make it, achieve it, whatever.  Some people I bet wouldn't even try to make a hot caramel apple cider without a recipe or something.

Pfft.  Recipes.  They are more like guidelines anyway. 

Anyway, I think it is important to have a sense of adventure.  I don't have the best one as I really have no desire to get on a plane and fly across the planet.  But I do think that fear will hold you back from a lot in life. 

Maybe I see a little too much potential in things sometimes, I sure was that way with a lot of my ex's.  I saw way more potential in them than they really were ever going to live up to.  But I think your entire life is a blank canvas and it is the ups and downs that paint a picture on it.  It's like Nike always said, JUST DO IT.

Now in other news, Kroger had Chobani blood orange flavor.  It is new and I cannot wait to try it!  My sense of adventure this year has been in cooking exploits.  In a small college kitchen I have attempted pesto fish, cheesecake, steak, and chicken various ways, along with others.  I have created random pasta dishes, mastered the art of the breakfast skillet.  It has all in all been a really fun time.  I want to make a cookbook or an app or something and let the other college kids out there know that cooking can work in a tiny kitchen haha.

I am also in the process of applying to grad school.  I really only can go if someone will give me a grad assistantship so I am hoping hoping hoping to get one.  If anyone reading this wants to also hope and pray for me, I would appreciate any extra vibes being sent my way.  Hopefully I will have GOOD news in Mid-March about an assistantship.  I really hope so. 

I was scared to go away to college.  And I have excelled here.  I was scared to apply to grad school, and hopefully I can make it happen again. 

Here's lookin' at you, kid. Pin It Now!

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