Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's the Little Things

Every year I walk down the Valentine's Isle in a grocery store.  And every year it bums me out.  Every year I feel the sadness and tinge of pain from losing something I loved.  Losing something very close to me...

I LOVED those cherry kit kats.  They only had them for like a year or two.  But MAN they were good.

I had a great little weekend in.  I stayed at school instead of going home.  I did really very little that was truly productive, but what I did do I really enjoyed.  For instance, I finally finished one of my books that I have been reading forever. And I finished it while drinking hot tea, of the honey ginseng green tea variety.

Republic of Tea, for anyone thinking it sounds like the most fantastic tea ever, which it is. 

So yes, I drank like 3 cups of it, and it was fantastic.  Five minutes, the most perfect of brewing times. 

Also, I made a delicious pasta.  I made roasted tomatoes to add in it, and the pasta had chicken and pesto and mushrooms, and toasted pistachios.  Delicious.  Perfectly fantastic. 

I am usually quite antsy if I stay here on the weekends, now granted I will probably be going insane by Thursday.  But it was a really nice and relaxing weekend.  It iced here fairly bad, but it all melted off today just in time to go gallavanting at walmart.  The favorite college past time.

But all the cooking and delicious food made me think of something.  It is no wonder that there is an obesity issue in America.  The cheap food is the crappy food like Banquet junk and frozen questionable food and fatty filled lord knows what meat on a dollar menu burger.  And I don't even want to get in to the quality of cheese that people are using. 

Has anyone else noticed that pizza cheese used to actually uh...MELT? You know, you warm up leftovers and you had hot bubbly cheese? And now you just have warm....something? (cheesefood?).

Meanwhile, the good quality burger at grocery stores is like 5-7 for a one pound container and fresh produce is through the roof and quality snacks are at a premium...but don't worry, cake snacks and preservative filled chocolate covered somethings are always just a buck or two.


Let's not gripe about healthcare until we are fixing the issue.  Maybe if we actually taught and idolized heathy eating, rewarded healthy eating even, we wouldn't have nearly the amount of healthcare cases that we have now. 

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