Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And So It Begins

My classes for the semester have started up, I have panicked profusely, and have finally decided that they are going to go alright.  And here is why:

My prof was going through some basics in the Revit program we are going to use in my architecture course.  He draws a rectangle.  And that is all.  And a guy in the front row is already lost.

"How'd you do that??"
"What did you do again?"
"How do I get there."
"I'm lost."

Understatement of the century.  There is literally a button that looks like a rectangle when you go to draw walls and floors and whatnot.  It is not a hard concept.  So since I have spent the last few weeks panicking like crazy about not being able to cut it in my intro to Revit and CAD courses, I think I will definitely be ok.  Revit is really just a lot like KidPix and Zoo Tycoon and Rollercoaster Tycoon and Sims all mixed in together on crack.

In other news, a professor told me to not sell myself short on grad school. She nicely suggested University of Minnesota, UCal, and similar.  The problem with this is...

I have literally no desire to go away.  More than a couple hours and I am out.  I just have no interest in it. 

However, I have read more and more on the University of Louisville's Master of Urban Planning and it looks legitimately interesting.  And if I absolutely haaaave to do grad school, I really think I want to do a program like that.  I would love to help design urban buildings, cities, venues, whatnot.

In yet more news, I refriended my ex on fb, about puked reading all this stupidly mushy fb posts, and redeleted him haha.  Not that I am proud of this, but it is rather funny.  First off, I got to see him say on fb the exact same bogus mumbojumbo he said to me *oh I have never felt like this before, blah blah blah*.  And I got to see him have all kinds of pictures and posts that he used to make fun of his best friends for.  It's really weird though, since she is still in highschool and he is like 23.  But I can't blame her, there are many times I have considered dating older too.

Although unlike her, I plan on going for older male with ambition, a degree, and a career.

Not to sound harsh, blame it on the woman scorned and all that jazz :)! 

And in final news, there is the nicest scruffy haired boy in two of my classes.  We have actually talked, which is weird for me since I sometimes get a little introverted around boys who are in the least bit cute.  He is a frat boy though, but I am sure some of them have potential ;).  I really like these construction boys, and my profs have been super nice. 

So begins the tale of a GIS girl who stumbles in to the land of construction and design, to wonder (adorably) through the halls in her trench and designer boots, in search of new software, a crazy new project, and a scruffy haired classmate to entertain her.

Did I mention he is from nearish to where I am from? Pin It Now!

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