Thursday, December 22, 2011

You Just Can't Hide Geek

You can wear amazing boots but you can't hide geek.
I am absolutely cut throat and one hundred percent ruthless when it comes to word games.  I love them.  You get me near "Words with Friends" or "Hanging with Friends" and there is really no more friends about it haha.  I get extremely excited to lay down a 60+ point word, and about hyperventilated when I played "macabre" for 120.  I have yet to lose in HWF, and I am legitimately proud of this.

When I was in 8th grade, we had a system called Reading Counts.  I read and read and read and specifically strategized my last book so that I would have exactly 100 books and exactly 1000 points for the year.  It included everything from Steven King's "The Stand" to a book called "The Little Bug that Went Cachoo".  I will always remember it, I was so excited to have it work out so perfect. 

I begged for years (well ok maybe just one year) to get a roboraptor.  AND I FINALLY GOT ONE :).  And I love him, his name is Trogdor.  My friend made me a double ended light saber in my two favorite colors, and it is spectacular. 

There are few things I have loved as much as rollercoaster tycoon, Jurassic Park, 3D movies, and a tech based field of study (besides family obviously).  I love my iPhone, my giant laptop, and have rarely met a device I didn't adore (Kindle Fire, you are next on my list).

Enough about me, and more to the point.  The point is, you have no need to ever try to hide who you are.  It's actually nice when you recognize and embrace who you are and all of the strangeness therein.  Now is a great time to be a geek, look at how popular the Big Bang Theory is. Sidenote: I would completely marry Sheldon on there, even though germaphobes drive me bananas. 

I think that girls need to not be afraid to be smart.  We kind of tend to act like ditzs some, and we are often afraid to look smart in case a guy won't like it.  But really, there are a lot of people out there that appreciate brains.  So put those gorgeous boots on, tease your hair up, and knock em dead with your brains! 

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