Friday, December 9, 2011

I haven't been kicked out of Wal-Mart...yet...

Today my best friend and I went shopping.  We shopped the entire afternoon, hit the mall twice, the Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, and Wal-Mart.  We knocked out the list without knocking out any other shoppers.
A close call mind you, a very close call.
I have determined that when you walk into a mall these days, you might as well check your manners and patience at the door.  No one else is bringing theirs in with them.  We were cut off or ran into by no less than 15 different people/couples and not a single one said excuse me.  We held doors for people twice and not a one said thank you.  I don't know about you, but I was a little shocked.  I was always told as a child that if you run into someone you say excuse me or I'm sorry , depending on the situation. 
Also, a much smaller infraction of society, but I went to buy cookies and the lady who rang me up neither said have a nice day or made any indication that I was good to go.  So I stood there awkwardly for a few moments and then walked away somewhat less awkwardly with my cookie for my friend and my brownie for me. 
Are we really losing these small niceties in society?  It kind of makes me worry.  Maybe it was just a coincidence, maybe I was just imagining it.  But I was not impressed. 
On another note, when we went in to Wal-Mart, and that was quite an event in and of itself.  My friend and I were walking down the seasonal isle- you know that one with all the candy that college kids should never be allowed on.  So we walk and marvel at all the things we want, debate on which types of different candies are better (butterfinger snack size versus butterfinger bells, I personally like regular shaped butterfingers myself).  And then I see these little redneck bags of chocolates with deer on them and a camo tag...
And I yell "OH" about as loud as a human could have possibly yelled it.  You would have thought a zombie was behind it or something with as ridiculously loud as I said it. 
Up until this point I had been reflecting on my theory that this cold weather was severely reducing my lung capacity (clearly not, mind you, the fact that I don't do any cardio).  Well let me tell you, that yell shook all the cobwebs out of my lungs!

Maybe my new theory will be something along the lines of "Yelling in Wal-Mart, when done in moderation, is good for your lungs."  The way I see it grants are given to do all kinds of research that is super unneccessary (shoving a hundred hot dogs down a rat's throat makes it obese...duh?), so I DEFINITELY think I could get funding for that.

I may not have much else to say this weekend, but either by late Sunday or Monday I will probably have experienced plenty of more of life's shenanigans, as I will be baking a ton of goodies for Christmas gifts and treats for classes and peers.  My apartment kitchen is roughly the size of a hotel kitchenette, with a stove half the width of a real one.  Surely nothing can go wrong under those conditions :)!

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