Monday, December 5, 2011


I think everyone needs a little haven, so welcome to mine.  I may get on a few rants here and there, maybe a soapbox or two, but I think it is important to have opinions.  Right or wrong, I would rather talk to someone with opinions than a person who never thinks, or doesn't care about anything.
As for a little bit about me, I am studying Geographic Information Sciences (think Google Earth), and when I am not being technological or sciencey I like to craft things.  I have recently found a lot of enjoyment in taking old materials (bottlecaps, old jewelry, old belt embellishments, etc) and turning them in to new jewelry and wearables.  Does it make a lot of difference in the world? Maybe not, but it sure is a fun hobby!
I am also in love with almost everything on the food network. Cooking is an interesting way to express yourself and experiment.  My theory to life is pretty much find something you enjoy, find something you are good at, and stick with it.  I usually say "find something you are good at and stick with it" almost in a joking manner to people, but there is a lot of truth behind it.  Everyone can succeed at something.
I may never have anyone following this, it will almost certainly never be made into a movie, but it will help me keep myself in check and express what I can.  Let the blogging begin. Pin It Now!

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