Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Just Like if You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Alright hopefully everyone remembers the children's story about that moochie mouse that you give him a cookie and he ends up overstaying his welcome and eating you out of house and home, which just goes to show that you should never give someone something because inevitably you will have made a friend that you just don't want, right?
Story of my LIFE.
There's this dude I can't shake.  I have tried it all.  Ignoring him, blaring music through my earbuds, telling him I writing papers, making up literally every excuse to not have time to go out with him or hang out or anything like that.  I mean every excuse.  I am probably going to Hell for lying at this point.  I have been done with my assignments for school for weeks.  I mean WEEKS.  But I have had to keep this under wraps because he is a lot like a leech.
To paint a bit of a better picture, he is an Asian PhD student.  I won't mention names, if for no other reason other than I cannot pronouce, spell, or even remember his name at any given time.  I literally do not get this whole situation.  So many people have told me I am intimidating...apparently not.  I have literally no idea why I cannot get rid of him.  Some of the highlights:
  • He asked me to go out and get Chinese food.  I am not sure if it is just because he is Asian but I literally had to choke back a laugh.  I said my roommate was making dinner for me (she wasn't)
  • He invited me over to his apartment. This was actually before asking me out to dinner, and therefore skipping every step humanly possible.
  • He asked me and a girl in my SI session no less than 8 times (it only lasts an hour) if we were hungry, said that we must be hungry it was so late, and similar comments.
  • He said we were neighbors practically and asked me my room number (I pretended I did not hear exactly what he said and answered something vaguely similar about if I ever found time maybe I'd let him know)
  • He asked me if I liked football, I said I rarely watch it (huge lie)
  • He asked me how many credit hours I was taking next semester, I said 18 (I am currently registered for 12)
  • He asked me if I ever go to the rec center, I said no (which is actually completely true)
Just today the question about the next semester courses happened, and I have LITERALLY been blaring music with my earbuds for three hours.  I have ignored him saying hi TWICE throughout the three hours, pretending I could not hear him due to the music.  The third time, he popped up right in front of my face to get my attention (maybe next time I should fake temporary blindness?)
I mean really what is a girl to do at this point?  I blame my mother for raising me to be to nice to tell him to go jump off a cliff! I am getting really good at photoshop, so I think my next step is going to be photoshopping myself into a picture with a really hot guy.  It makes me wonder how much he really watches football, because I wouldn't mind being photoshopped in next to Wes Welker...
Regardless, either movies lie, or this dude is an anomaly in the boy species.  He is not afraid of rejection (or just doesn't realize he is being rejected), he will absolutely not take no for an answer, and he is really good at catching you off guard in your conversation.  Persistent as the day is long.  And right now, this feels like the day that will NEVER end.
And if he lurks over my shoulder one more time...
I know, right, I said every post wouldn't be about nutcase boys...but they are just so easy to rant about.
AND to top all this off, he just asked me if I was listening to music...yes....hence the earbuds...
I worry about humanity. Pin It Now!

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