Friday, December 16, 2011

Is that house flashing?! Oh no it's just the trees...

Tis the season to be jolly...
And enjoy the variety of Christmas decorations that people put up.  Driving down the road you can see these beautiful houses with their perfectly placed lights that are not even the slightest bit crooked.  Reindeer are out perfectly in their yard spaced to high flying perfection, and any trees they have decorated are immaculate.
And then...there's the ones that look like a light weilding monkey ran through their yard chasing a ninja with a banana.  Which is an analogy I happen to think makes perfect sense. 
But seriously, Christmas lights are incredibly fun to look at, whether they are gorgeous or completely disastrous.  I literally wonder sometimes if people go outside with a string of lights and let their five year old run around a tree and call it a day.  Don't you just see those lights that look like someone tossed a strand up there, maybe even two or three in different colors?  I saw this poor scraggly tree with clear lights at the bottom and a red strip at the top.  I never understand why people decorate their dead trees either (no offense to any of you who do).  It is mind boggling.  I really think at the very minimum people should use net lighting so that when they tossed it into their tree it would look more intentional (and less dead).
I am so attuned to believing many have lost their mind with Christmas lights that I actually believed that an entire house was flashing.  We are driving down the road and I see this house and the lights look like they keep blinking and I am flabbergasted at how annoying this must be until it was then determined that no, in fact, it just looked blinky because of all the trees that we were passing as we drove by.  We can't be smart all the time now can we.
The house did have color changing lights on it, that was quite frankly pretty cool.
I do like that people decorate for Christmas, and I love light shows like Lights Under Louisville, and similar things.
Merry Christmas all you scraggly tree decorators! Pin It Now!

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