Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Funny the Things You Worry About

Tonight I got my order from Snapfish.  Except it wasn't my order.  It was on the outside, but on the inside it was an order of another lady's.  I feel bad for her, what if those posters were a Christmas gift? I promptly got on to Snapfish and told their customer support via live chat that it was the wrong order, and I can only hope that they are sending hers out overnight shipping as well as mine.  I wonder if the metallic prints were for a child of hers or a relative, they looked like things a young teen would like.  And somewhere out in the world, someone has a stunning metallic finish print, 20x30, of a beautiful church door.  I only hope that they will enjoy it as much as I hopefully will get to.
I also worry about the FedEx and UPS guys.  They run these routes so late every evening and it is kinda strange to think about.  We ship so many things and do so much online shopping and it keeps some of these people from their families late into the evening.  I know that it also helps them support their families as well.  It is just sad that something I take so much for granted, like getting to be home in the evening is something that others cannot enjoy. 
And people who work at theaters and have to work on Christmas day.  Is it really that important that we go see movies on Christmas? Can't there be ONE holiday where all of the hustle and bustle is shut down and EVERYONE gets to be home?
I just hope that the customer service person from wherever they are in the world really did put in the orders and that if those prints are Christmas gifts they find their way to that person. 
It is strange though, to worry so much about someone you have never met, and likely never will meet. Pin It Now!

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