Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Shenanigans? Meet my Chrismanigans.

Sometimes people just don't have near enough fun around the holidays.  Naturally, I devised a way to combat this great oversight among the human race :).
Meet RaptorClaus.  A fun-loving mix of ingenuity-filled robotics all dolled up in one of those cute but occasionally obnoxious dog costumes.  The perfect mix of lighthearted fun with subtle mocking undertones :).  You really just can't top that. 

You just can't.

I personally think there is a lot of value in things like this around holidays, birthdays, and well...every other day in general.  Gag gifts and strange things such as RaptorClaus are exceptionally enjoyable. 

Christmas was super fun.  I got to spend a lot of time with my family, and got a miniature pie maker.  My sisters and I spent the entire afternoon of Christmas Day making little pies in all sorts of flavors and kinds.  Today, we used the kitchen torch that we got my mother to include toasted meringue.  A very tasty Christmas.  Homemade things and special gifts are always near and dear to my heart. My family did really spectacular at finding things that I had not even thought of that is absolutely well suited to my taste.  I got amazing luggage in a color I love, the Steve Jobs bio, the mini pie maker, and stones that will be perfect to make into jewelry (which I already did) ((see below)).

This is the necklace made out of the stones that my oldest sister got me.  I wrapped them in wire and was able to attach them together to make this necklace. 
In other Christmas news, the Steve Jobs bio is really great starting out. I am pretty excited to get to learn more about someone that was so incredible and innovative.  I like these qualities.  It is really interesting to read about someone who made so much difference in the lives of every single person in this country, even though some may never realize the full extent of how much he has contributed to.

Between the Lord of the Rings Pez and Season 4 of the Big Bang Theory, it was a delightfully geeky Christmas.  And a good time was had by all!  I hope all of you readers out there had a great holiday as well! 

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