Friday, March 7, 2014

Mickey Mouse Themed Dipped Oreos

You will need:
-Triple Double Stuffed Oreos (don't skimp, get the good stuff!)
-Chocolate of choice (candiquick or other)
-Wilton Red Candy Melts
-White round sprinkles or unconventional alternative like the cookies and cream ones I had to use
-Optional other sprinkles, like cookies and cream ones from Wilton

I really could not find any sprinkle packs at Meijer that had round white sprinkles in them the day I made these.  Super frustrating! Any other day I would have found a million.  Regardless, I did my best to separate out some white ones on most of them.

Anyway, melt your candiquick or whatever you are using according to package directions.  I keep mine in the tray it comes in, plop the oreo in and turn it with a fork. Transfer the oreo out of the chocolate and let it dry on aluminum foil or wax paper. Do this for all the oreos.

When dry, melt the red chocolate.  I highly suggest being careful when opening the bag because I most certainly sent mine flying EVERYWHERE.  Luckily enough landed on the counter that I could get what I needed!

Anyway dip the bottom half of the oreo in red chocolate and add your sprinkles.

My best friend loves Disney things, and she really loves oreos that are dipped.  We have all agreed that triple double oreos are by far and away the best oreo when dipped in chocolate.  White or regular, it does not matter, dip those babies and it takes you to a whole new level of super simple desserts.  I mean, I think it is ridiculous the number of flavors of oreos that are out there.  But these are a gem.

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