Thursday, March 1, 2012

Like A Sleep Ninja

The past few days have been somewhat rough.  At one point I was fairly certain the cosmos was against me.  Then I heard a friend mention that their whole week had it turns out the cosmos is just on a general rampage.

But on a quick sidenote, the Indiana weather has been amazing.  This time last year we were getting blasted by icepocalypse.  This year's February has been mild and at times positively amazing.  Now the environmental side of me is concerned about whether this is a warning that climate may change much more quickly than we suppose...

But the side that hates cold weather is throwing a party.  Not that I like 100 degree summer days either, but that is mostly due to the fact that I have dark leather seats in the Durango and that's just painful.

Now, back to the cosmos hating my guts.  I do not know what I did to anger it, but I have some serious apologizing to do. 

I went to a meeting about this trip that a group from my school is taking to DC and I ended up completely in panic mode by the end of it.  I haven't exactly been the most visible member of this group so I don't really know anyone, and maybe I am just not nearly as confident as I figured I'd be about doing it on my own.  Not that I will really be alone, but it's a whole week without anyone I am really close to.  That somewhat intimidates me.  But I can learn a lot on the trip and it IS a free vacation.  So I really wish my brain would just focus on that one. 

Maybe it is the fact that I am completely terrified when it comes to big commitments.  A boy tells me he loves me too soon and I am bolting.  Always have.  It took some serious soul searching to finally get myself committed to taking the GRE and looking for a grad school.  I am really happy once I get in something, but that whole starting something new bit is the hardest thing for me to get over. 

And it's an entire week.

So there I am back in my car completely panicking and nearly hyperventilating and I guess I ran myself low enough on oxygen getting to my brain that I calmed myself down.  So I drove back to my apartment, tried to put on a solid face and socialize...and in about twenty minutes went to my room, closed the door, and restarted my panicking from the safety of my covers....

Right up until the fridge broke.

My roommate came in to tell me and all I could think to myself is:
      "Oh dear God, what will I do in the morning without a cold Diet Mountain Dew."

Ha, yea I am that addicted to dew.   We moved our most expensive stuff (meat, etc.) to her boyfriend's freezer to make sure we wouldn't lose it and put in a work order so someone would come take care of it.  Turns out, it just needed someone to hit the reset button.

Where I come from, fridges don't have reset buttons.  I did try unplugging it and plugging it back in, just for the record. 

I didn't sleep that night.  Hardly at all.  I didn't sleep well until last night, so I had a couple days of compounded exhaustion.  However, when I woke up that morning after the fridge had broken, I checked the ice cube tray just in case, and there were 6 little half ice cubes left- just enough to chill a dew.  And oh was it the most glorious tasting dew yet.

My day was a little better after that, except the scruffy-haired boy was a bit of a tool in class.  I had helped him get to the right view in Revit Architect (you can't build a roof on the footing layer, after all).  I mentioned something about GIS and the guy next to me asks what that is and Scruffy goes "Oh great here we go..."

Ok maybe to him my major is not all that interesting, but my software-based major is what got him out of the footing view because he couldn't possibly manage to read the instructions on his own. I really don't care what he thinks about my major, but the cocky jerk facade is really starting to get old.  I don't know if maybe his feelings are hurt that I am not desperately lusting after him, if he is intimidated by smart females, thinks I am trying to show him up, or something like that, but he needs to get over it.  Me on little sleep does not allow for many snarky comments to get by without me snapping back.  I am apparently not well equipped for freshmen fratitudes.

So then the next night comes, I don't sleep well again, and didn't fall asleep until about 1.  I get to bed and then I wake up around 2:30 with BOTH arms completely numb and tingly.  I sleep on my side in most cases.  I literally do not know how I managed to lose feeling in both of them.

What I wouldn't give for a video of that night haha.

So I am trying to move my arms because of course since they are asleep and I can't do much with them, I have to try everything possible to get them to move.  So I get my right arm moving up and it is stuck in my blankets.  I am trying to use my other arm to get the blankets off and I am yanking them and pulling my arm and end up freeing it.

WHICH results in me practically judo chopping a water bottle off my desk next to my bed.  This in turn sends me into a complete panic, wondering whether the bottle has managed to spill water on my iPhone that wasn't even anywhere near it.  So I am flailing about with my very much still asleep arms trying to grab my phone...

Again, I so badly wish I had video.

Later on in the day (yesterday), the Asian guy (I think I will call them Asian Invasion and Fratitude now for my own personal entertainment) was asking me seventeen million questions about a map I was making for my professor.  It was along the lines of:

AI, heavy accent: You have the chemical data?
Me: Uh yea it's phosphorous.
AI: No, uh, no, you have the chemical data?
Me: (confused and attempting to redirect the convo) This is for my professor.
AI: This paper has already been written.
Me: (getting agitated) It is NOT for the grad student's thesis.  This is for my professor.
AI: The thesis was written.
Me:'s not for that...
AI: You are trying to get published?
Me: IDK I don't ask questions I am just here to make maps.

Today I have my earbuds in hopes of not having to play 20 questions again.  I got around 8 hours of sleep last night...but that still does not make me want to play.  So far so good, my lair has not been infiltrated by invaders.

In other news, I really don't think I like Truvia.  I think it makes my tea taste wacky.  Considering I have tasted the same wacky undertones in two different teas and I used Truvia in both...I think we have the common thread.

Speaking of, sign up for Republic of Tea's emails, they will give you free shipping on your first order!

Maybe I really should never get it considered spousal battery to judo chop them if your arm is asleep and you can't control it?  Pin It Now!

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