Monday, March 19, 2012

Please Forgive My Deep Angst, Society.

Well you know when I am blogging from my phone right before I go to bed it is because I am on a tangent. Well. This time is no different.

First things first (obviously, or they wouldn't be first now would they). I am deeply saddened by the fact that I am only 21 and feel like a minority because I am not married (or un married) with a baby (or three). You know, the first one that gets knocked up in your class, fine. It's going to happen to someone. But the next 10? You would think they'd learn how to prevent that. The thing is, I swear one girl gets pregnant and it triggers our competitive jeans and next thing you know all the rest of the girls are pregnant and hoping their baby is cuter than yours.

Alright, I'm sure it's not that superficial. But it's the only thing I can come up with for why half the people my age that I know have at least one baby.

Maybe I am a strange breed, but I have enjoyed being in college. I've enjoyed rooming with new people and learning to cook and having a (paid for) period of pseudo freedom. I have had time to mature and to grow. Babies are just not on my radar.

And really, is your life defined by the number of babies you have or how early you have them? I mean would people look at me with sad puppy eyes of I never had one and think I haven't been successful even if I was an awesome Urban Planner by then?? I'm not saying I don't want to have a baby, I'm just asking why people don't think they can wait. I mean ok sure some people can only have babies up to a certain point but there are tons of babies out there who need a home and someone to love them so if I couldn't have a baby I would just try to adopt. I mean it would be sad but it would not mean my life was over.

Freedom is something some people I swear are terrified of. They are afraid to be out on their own without a spouse or significant other. They can't go do things on their own or function on their own. This makes me sad. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to cook what and when I want and experiment with whatever meal I want and just be myself. During my graduate studies I have a one bedroom lined up that will allow me even more freedom. I am very excited.

Society has really started to focus on odd things. So many people are having babies at very young ages and we give them TV shows so that other kids can see people who had babies way too young? I consider this rewarding bad behavior not raising awareness. And I really thought the tanning bed obsession would have died down by now. I see people post it on Facebook like going to the bed is the highlight of their day...

Really? Are you honestly that shallow?

I am sure for some it is a very relaxing time but go relax by a lake. Why on earth ANYONE would go to a tanning bed during the spectacular weather we have had here is nuts. Go the heck outside. It's free, all natural, and you might get brown instead of fake bake orange.

But I'm extremely pale so maybe I am just bitter ;). Actually, I love being pale. I love standing out in a sea of orange and platinum blonde. I like being original or different. That works for me. The natural skin toned, virgin hair, single girl who doesn't want to get pregnant right now. Yup, that's me.

This is harsh, but I'd your life is consumed by tanning, partying, and whatever is on sale at Victoria's secret...GET A NEW LIFE. I mean I really am not trying to be mean but go get something with meaning. Change someone's life instead of being narcissistically focused on your own.

Oh. And ladies, if you want guys to stop treating you like a piece of meat, stop dressing like one.

Well. That is definitely enough soap boxing for one night :). Pin It Now!

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