Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Painful.

Well so much for the Cosmos being against me. Turns out, it is completely against Southern Indiana. As you have probably heard, much of the area got absolutely bashed by f3 and f4 tornadoes. Towns just down the road from me are completely gone.

And my house sustained no damage.

This is one of those times that luck doesn't even BEGIN to cover it. I had originally planned on staying at my internship until around 1 or so. This would have put me in Indy by 2, and crossing paths with the tornado probably somewhere around Scottsburg, and not being able to get home. A particular road on my journey had the tornado go right across it and completely obliterate houses.

However, I started to get really antsy around 11. I check the radar, multiple times, and finally asked if I could leave. My boss new there was bad weather, and he agreed that I should while there was an open window. I got home an hour or less before it all broke loose. There was very little activity at my house storm-wise, and I'm truly greatful for that.

Henryville, however, wasn't so lucky. Henryville is maybe around 25-30 minutes from my home, but not all that far geographically speaking. It was demolished. It's so sad to think about the Seniors at Henryville High who, months before graduation, don't know where they will be able to go to school, have prom, or graduate. I am sure they will all get these details worked out, but it has to be difficult.

So please, anyone reading this, of you feel the inspiration, donate to the red cross or anyone helping in these efforts. Words cannot describe the destruction of all the places affected. Honestly it didn't even look like a tornado. It looked like a bomb went off there. And tornados are such interesting things to me. They will demolish house after house yet one right in the middle will be perfectly fine. In Marysville, an entire intersection was obliterated, except the church which hardly sustained damage. They are truly unpredictable forces. Extremely powerful and terrifyingly impressive forces.

Now for some good news. I have managed to secure a tuition remitting scholarship and stipend from Ball State! It was exactly were I wanted to go and I am incredibly excited to be involved in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program. It was a godsend.

And I do mean godsend. I prayed like mad for this, begging and hoping for the letter to come from Ball State. They have much better facilities and I was just not as in love with the University of Louisville as I had hoped. I rewarded myself with a Kindle Fire, even though I had spending anxiety since it was over $50. I am not the type who easily spends anything that I consider a large amount.

However, with the recent news of a different grant that I will be receiving, I convinced myself that the $200 kindle over the $500 iPad was a reasonable purchase. So far, I couldn't be happier!

As a former weatherman skeptic, I strongly suggest that people just assume the weather guys might actually be right, and take their advice. Better to be in a basement and not need to be versus being picked up and battered by a tornado.

I also rejoice in how much everyone has pitched in to help those in need during this time. Hopefully the rest of the season will not bring more vicious twisters like these. Pin It Now!

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