Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's a Loose Reign in an Open Field.

First, and not pertaining to my topic at all, I am nerdily excited that my page has 700+ views.  Now, I do understand that this could be my mom logging in over and over and over again to my blog to pad my stats and make me feel better, in which case...

THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM!!!! She knows just how to make my day haha!

No but seriously, anyone and everyone out there who actually takes the time to read this, I really appreciate it :). I can only hope that every now and then I am somewhat entertaining.
Also not pertaining to my title (I might as well change it at this point), I really don't understand most people.  I actually know someone who was willing to move to a different city in hopes that we might start dating (not naming names, and hopefully they won't be mad if they read this, but if they are just for the record you never said don't blog this).  Anyway, I for one would never move anywhere just on a wing and a prayer that something might work. 

I think I might be a little strange about relationships.  I really don't want someone who likes me way more than I like them.  Ill conceived plans to say "I love you" after a week and buying me a ring at 4 months have ended two relationships of mine.  I just really panic.  I need to be eased in to things.  I need to be really good friends with someone and hanging out with them quite a bit.  Then you can tag a title on.  Then in a week or so I am fine with being kissed but stuff like the L-bomb needs to be saved.  I really am not sure you can love someone after a week.
I personally can't love someone unless I respect them.  People who are incredibly smart, or funny, or ambitious, or dedicated to something, I respect those people.  You don't have to be making a million dollars but you better be making a difference in someone's life.  Don't get me wrong I love a good looking boy as much as the next.  But I like a little substance behind those gorgeous eyes.
I already tried one with no substance behind them and I am fairly certain a piece of my soul died.

I also have a type.  I only go for the guys who are fairly slim- think track runner build, cornerback build, wide receiver, stuff like that.  Guys with muscle but not body builders.  I don't mind if they aren't solid muscle, but I'd just prefer they not outweigh me by like...twice my weight.

Sounds terrible, but it's my blog I can be as honest as I want.  And, you're still reading so how terribly shocking was it, really?

I used to date my very best friends.  They didn't always make the best boyfriends but we were really all too young at the time anyway.  We had no idea what we were doing, we just wanted to feel like grownups.

And now, I am extremely low on best friends who are boys and it sucks.  But I think I can change that at BSU.
OK, back to the title and my original purpose.  Put on your ADD hats and change topics here. 

I am almost official on having an apartment near BSU and I am super excited about it.  I have been looking for ways to decorate it...and that's when it hits me:

What is my design style???


I can take this apartment in any direction.  Am I an edgy type, a soft naturals type, what am I? Who am I?

I have some pretty cool things that I am going to decorate with, including a huge wall map and some vases and such.  But it is really strange to have such freedom to make it whatever I want.  But that's just the thing...

What do I want?


No really...what DO I want in this apartment (and in life)? 

Somebody cue some epic soul searching music, we have to get down to business.

It's just like being a horse given the reigns in a wide open field... Pin It Now!

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