Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm a Green Zebra in a Sea of Black and Whites

If I had one piece of advice to give to the youngins, I'd tell them to stick to your morals at all costs.  You rarely ever find yourself truly happy after you have gone against something you believe to be right. 

I am a not so normal college kid, and probably an even less normal 21 year old girl.  I never bought in to the sleeping around with people, and in fact never bought in to sleeping with someone period unless it was an extremely serious relationship to the point where I could at least see myself marrying them (which none of my relationships lasted over 6 months).  I also have never been a partier.  I do not get the point.  Life goes by so incredibly quickly that I want to remember every possible moment that I can, not drink so much that I can't remember a single thing about hanging out with my friends.  And furthermore, why on earth would I want to do something that makes me feel awful the next day? 

Characteristics like this are why I say I am a green zebra.  All the plain zebras can drink and slut around and whatever else, but green zebras are different.  I am looking for another green zebra.

This all came around because in a weak moment (possibly one where I was a tad bit bored) I made out with a frat boy.  Frat boys are not really my style and I probably should have seen it coming that he was a plain zebra.  Anyways, as I like to get in to conversations early about virginity and not wanting to sleep around, we got to talking on the subject.  Naturally, being the frat boy that he is, he tried to make something that I can only assume was his case for why you should fool around, and told me that sex is a lot like smoking, and that I'd be hooked once I started....

Yes, thank you for relating sex to a cancer causing habit that turns your lungs papery and black.  That TOTALLY makes me wanna do it now. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to downplay sex and its potential to be amazing, but is it really all that amazing if you are just doing it with anything that has the opposite parts as you? I think things like that should be incredibly special and should only be shared with someone that you truly love.  Plain zebras fool around.  I am a green zebra.

He also went on to say that for my birthday we should go out so I could get trashed.  At this point, I was really wondering if I was having one of those moments where I apparently don't speak english.  I had told him I didn't drink or party.  But apparently I said it in some foreign language.

Or just green zebra language.

The point is, I hate that society has taught us to downplay the specialness of sex and has made it seem cool to go sleep around willy-nilly.  That should not be what "all the cool kids are doing".  Girls are taught to wear low cut tops and tiny shorts, and then they wonder why ever boy just treats them like a piece of meat.  Uh, maybe because you are dressing and acting like one?  I sport the occasional low shirt, but it should not make up the whole of your wardrobe.  And those tiny two sizes too small Soffe shorts were NOT made for everyone.

My mom once told me that she heard Dr. Phil say you teach people how to treat you.  I think that is inherently true.  And whoever it is that I fall in love with someday will treat me like a green zebra.  And I hope that some day more of the youth will learn that being a green zebra is far more rewarding in the long run, and that this whole push for drunken drug induced sexfests is really not the best way to go in life. 

Hopefully, somewhere out there on the horizon, is a good lookin male green zebra (don't judge, even green zebras appreciate beauty).  Until then I will continue to be this solo green zebra in a sea of black and white. Pin It Now!

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