Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Weekend, Blog-Style.

Alright, after many months of saying I really didn't want to go to Grad School....Yea you guessed it, now I really want to go to grad school.  I stumbled on this Urban Planning idea and it sounds amazing.  And that brings me to the topic of my entire weekend.

First, I visited Ball State on Friday.  My mom and I hopped in the car and drove to Muncie, IN, to tour around campus, drive around town, and see what all this place had to offer.  I was a little skeptical going up there, thinking I probably wouldn't be all that impressed or something I guess...but boy was I wrong.

You see, I always thought my buildings at Indiana State were pretty cool.  I liked the look of buildings here and loved our fountain.  Then, I get to BSU, and lo and behold they have far superior architecture, beautiful brick crosswalks, crosswalk signs that chirp (long story), and a HUGE clock tower...much bigger than our fountain.

And let the record show, I am officially a building snob.  I loved it.  I loved everything about it.  The admissions building has this gorgeous sparkly terrazzo floor, beautiful red leather furniture, chrome lighting...it was amazing.  Not to mention how many gorgeous statues are around campus, and the overall brilliant architecture and details on their buildings themselves.

Oh, and did I mention the ginormous geothermal field currently under construction?  Ya, that's right.  While my college is considering drilling for oil, BSU is putting in one of the largest geothermal systems in college existence.  And quite possibly one of the larger in North America.  Talk about being biased.

The building where my department is isn't necessarily structurally beautiful inside but it is actually really cozy.  It welcomes you in there and beckons you to stay.  And it is beautiful in the fact that it is simplistic.  Easy to navigate-you take to it like a fish to water.  And some of their classes are in the library, which is even more fitting for a book worm such as myself. 

In an even more interesting turn of events, on our way home from BSU we stopped in Anderson to get food.  We are driving down the road there and I am pretty nonchalant about what I want.  I was in one of those typical no food preference things because I was suddenly hit with this intense fear that I won't get a Grad Assistantship to BSU which is really the only way I can afford to go (anywhere for that matter).  So I am being all mopeydopey and not caring until suddenly I see something that looks so familiar I cannot help but perk up...


There are probably 3 of those in Terre Haute and my friends and I are obsessed with it.  They have the most amazing food unless you go there on a really bad day (my fam and I went when I moved in to the apt and they sucked, which was really bad timing as my sister loves mexican and doesn't understand now why I am obsessed).  So I literally yell out that I want to go there and we do and oh it must have been a fantastic day in the kitchen because in no time I was in Real Hacienda heaven. 


A few days later I went to visit the University of Louisville for a visitation event,  It was a nice event and the food was good, but my department building left a lot to be desired.  This kind of knocked me off my grad school high, along with the fact that their department is getting ready to go through a lot of budget cuts.  Which is not exactly what you want to hear as a prospective grad student.  It can be a little worrisome. 

I did really like the people in both college's departments and I really think it helped cement my interest in this type of program.  It has a lot of potential to be involved in so many aspects of the future that I really think it is the right time to get in to Urban Planning.  I just have to get in a good funding situation.

In other not-so-weekendy news, the Asian, mentioned in one of my first couple blogs, officially ponied up and asked me for my number.  Now usually, as has been the case multiple times this school year, I want to so badly say no and I still say yes and cough up my number.  But somehow this time I managed to squash that people pleasing compulsion and said no. Politely of course.  But seriously. I wear earbuds almost every time he is in the room.  I literally do not get why he doesn't get it.  I have made super stupid excuses every time he has asked me out. 

Makes no sense.

But hopefully within the next months I will have good news about grad school...and if not...mopey blog it is hahah!

Until next time, humans. Pin It Now!

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