Friday, June 22, 2012

Words, Affected.

Getting off my DIY train for a moment, there are some things in this life that really bother me.  I understand that sometimes you are mad.  Really mad at stuff that happens, people say, etc.  But I do not think that parents always realize just how much your words and your actions affect your kid and kids around you.

I think kids are incredibly good at picking up on tension. As I have said before, I work at a bank as a summer floater.  It is by no means my dream job but it gives me something to do during my college breaks.

Just a bit ago, we had a gentleman come in who wanted to get something notarized.  He did not have his ID and our teller did not know him, and when he was told that he would need his ID to get his paper notarized and his check cashed he stormed out of the building slamming doors and cursing, right in front of his little girl who can't have been older than early elementary age. 

Like I said, I know sometimes you just get mad, but it would be great if people could think about how it makes that kid feel.  Me personally, I am a fixer.  No matter who is yelling at whom, I consistently feel bad for whatever the situation is. And if it is something I have no ability or power to fix, I feel even worse.  I always did as a kid, and I still do to this day.

You know how when you are down, puppies will come over and put their head on your lap and give those cute pupy eyes to try to make you feel better? Kids are pretty much a similar theory.  A lot of kids, girl or boy, want to fix it. 

I think it is because it is the person you look up to.  You respect them and don't want them to be hurt or slighted or anything like that.  They are basically your hero, and you want to do something for them.

I think it is important to understand that kids pick up on everything.  The cursing, the yelling, your tone of voice, everything.  So the next time you are exploding about your day, or yelling right after something happens, or griping, think about what it is doing, and remind the child that it isn't their fault, you aren't mad at them, things like that. 

And don't practically peel out of the parking lot driving away.  First off, it scares kids, and second, it is putting your life and theirs in danger.  Control your emotions long enough to realize the extent of what you are doing, and the problems that could arise because of it.

And most of all, learn to take life in perspective.  Other people in the world wouldn't even have the chance to have the issue that you are having, and may never have it.  But you have the opportunity to take it on in the first place. Pin It Now!

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