Monday, June 11, 2012

An Order of Life, Hold the Melodrama

Some people did not really understand the moral of the story in Chicken Little.  You know, the sky is falling and whatnot and he is flipping out only later to find out it was an acorn? Hence the moral being, don't make an apocalypse out of an acorn...

What, you have never heard that saying before? :)

Regardless, I find in life that some people are just inherently melodramatic about everything.  They lost something, oh lord the world is ending (except for the fact that it is something that can be replaced).  Or their relationship ended, oh lord the world is ending (except it clearly wasn't meant to be or it wouldn't have ended).  These are the people that have that classic Eeyore voice and end up saying something like:

"Oh I give up" or "I quit" or "Everything I do is terrible" or "I should just die"....

You know, those types.  I really want to smack those people upside the head.  Knock a little perspective into them.

I try to tell people around me to look at things on a "grand scheme of life" basis.  Your husband did something annoying and you wanna yell and scream and kick him to the couch. If you are talking something like ate the last of something or didn't clean something up instead of talking something serious like cheating or this or that, you probably should take a grand scheme of things perspective.

Now don't get me wrong, I think there are a lot of people (not just guys) who don't always pull their own weight in life or in relationships and that really does bother me.  The people you help move over and over again and they mysteriously disappear when you need their help.  People who won't ever help out with those around them.  It is clearly impossible to help every person every minute of the day, but within your household someone should not have to do 100% of every job.

I really wish there was a class in school that taught just how important life is.  How short it is.  And how fast it goes.  Because once you figure it out, you really can find it easier to just let things slide a bit.

We are getting ready to move, and we won't be able to dig up all the plants that are at our house.  Our yard and garden somewhat resemble tropical jungles, not because of the plant type but moreso because everything is so lush.  Though it is sad that the big willow has to stay and the tulip tree that keeps blooming in the back yard can't come, we know that we can replace these things and that they may very well bring joy to the next occupant of the land. 

Sometimes, I think you just have to remember that there are people in the world who have it so much worse than you.  My tire had two nails in it, sure, but a lot of people don't even have the money for a vehicle.  A lot of people couldn't afford to put as many miles worth of gas on a Durango (not that I can necessarily afford it, I just buy less things elsewhere haha).  A lot of people are driving older than '03 vehicles.  And my mom pays my insurance and most of the repairs.  So yes, those two nails will not be the end of the world no matter how long I had to sit at Michel Tires. 

Plus the weather was fantastic that day and we sat outside.

So if you are getting ready to pick a fight with someone, ask if what they did was really all that terrible.  If you are sad because you are leaving something behind, ask yourself if it is replaceable.  Or think about what you are heading toward. 

Your life is only as negative as you make it.  Pin It Now!

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