Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Bible Tells Me So

There are two very important verses in the Bible that I have found have made a huge impact on my life and happiness. One of these I know roughly it's whereabouts in the good book, the other I have no idea. I'm not really the type who likes to show off any fancy ability to rattle off verse chapter and number criteria, I just like to tell what I read once. My first verse is in Corinthians (one of em) and ends with "whatever you do, do it heartily". This verse stopped me in my tracks the first time reading it and really stuck with me since. One of my biggest pet peeves is to see someone doing the bare minimum to get by. I know a lot of people who get things done. Many of the people in my family move mountains when necessary and so do others in my work place. I work at a bank in the summer as a teller. I am not really in love with this type of work but it gives me something to do and buys some gas for my Durango. Barely, mind you, as my beloved Durango is a V8 and that doesn't pair well with minimum wage. Regardless, though this is a temporary job for me and nothing I'd ever be interested in, I give that job 110%. I'm incredibly fast and almost always equally accurate, and I do try to get along with all of my coworkers and customers. On the other hand, a guy that also works as a teller there completely slacks off and does not move with any speed and lately has made quite a few careless and potentially cumbersome mistakes. This kind of work ethic drives me insane. There are a lot of people both here and overseas that would love to have a job like his. Sit inside, do some pretty easy transactions, and get paid. We too often take for granted that not everyone has a job. Some people would KILL to have what you have. And what do you really gain by slacking off? I feel better knowing that when I walk out of a place I have left every bit of talent I had for that task in there and held nothing back. I think when you slack or try to cheat the system in whatever way it negatively impacts you and makes you feel the need to be more defensive or tense because you know you aren't doing right by that company. When I look in the mirror and know that I worked a little faster to help back up another teller or to get a customer out faster, it means a lot to me. If you don't give everything you have, you cannot have everything. The second verse which I have no idea where is states "give, expecting nothing in return". How many times have you loaned a shirt to someone and been fixated on getting it back? Does it really matter if you have the shirt back the next day? Would you die if you never got it back at all? When you can finally start to let go of material things like goods and money without worrying about how soon you can get them back, it changes your entire outlook on life. I'm not a person who helps others out and then tells em they owe me. If I love someone, id jump through hoops for them. When we fixate on getting back what we gave, favors, goods, etc, we miss the point that we got to enjoy the other persons time. We miss the point that we got to participate in something extremely important to them. And we get far too attached to things that just don't matter like family and friends do. It's the same for charity donations. I actually have a problem with people writing them off. It just seems insane for such good intentions to involve getting money BACK because of it. But that's just something personal that drives me insane. So whatever you do, do it heartily, expecting nothing in return. I think it will change you're life. And now to bed before the glare off this phone droops my eyelids any sooner... Pin It Now!

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