Monday, May 7, 2012

Keep Calm and March On

THANKFULLY I did not trip at graduation...though sadly I did not come out of last week unscathed.

On Friday I was packing up the remaining pieces of my life still left in my apartment.  I had made a delicious dinner of stuff pork chops and oven fried asparagus, had relaxed long enough, and began to pack up my kitchen stuff.  In our apartment there is this corner cabinet that has 3 shelves, the top of which is really high.  I noticed I had disposable bowls and plasticware that I had not used since the beginning of school (it really kills my soul to even own them but such is life) on the top back farther than what my abnormally long arms could reach.  So I pulled up a chair and bebopped right on up to grab them....

Or I was going to right up until my chair decided to bebop on forward and throw me in to the counter on one leg and the stove knob on the other.  Meet my ego bruising injury:

The one on the left is right after it happened.  The one on the right is what it looks like today.  You can even see the two lines from where each side of the knob scraped. 

The moral of this story is disposable dining is not only bad for the eco system, but incredibly dangerous to your personal well-being.  So don't use it. 

And yes I know I am pale.

Graduation itself went very smoothly, I found a friend to sit by and we jumped over into the right line at the last minute so we could sit on the side closest to the reader.  We were in the second row of the College of Arts and Sciences, so we got through it pretty quick once our college was up.  I didn't cry, still haven't, and probably won't.  I am just not the type of girl that gets that sort of sentimental about things like graduation.

It's mostly because I am a realist.  Your undergraduate years are usually about 4-5 years of your life and that is all it is meant to be.  It is destined to be a temporary thing, and there is really no reason to get all squishy eyed over it. 

In usual graduation fashion, our college speakers sucked.  The main guy was pretty much depressing and the student speaker talked about shark infested waters.  Call me crazy, but I prefer motivational speeches that make me want to go out and fight a war or suit up for battle or something.  I want to be inspired. 

So here is what I say to all the graduates across existence:

Keep calm, and march on.  March on is something we say at Indiana State in our fight song, but it applies to everyone who is facing the next chapter of their life or a new beginning. Think of the armies of old when they set off to meet their opponent midfield- they marched.  Were they facing something difficult? Absolutely.  Were they nervous? Undoubtedly.  But they had a goal in mind, something that they believed in, and something they saw worth fighting for.  Your future is that same thing.  No matter your age or your goal, march toward it with determination and knowledge that you have everything you need to get where you want to go.  You are only as limited as your own faith in yourself, and have the necessary tools to make anything possible.  90% of any obstacle is your perspective and attitude.  So keep calm, and march on.

And don't buy disposable bowls and junk like that because nothing good will ever come of it. 

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