Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Salute to My Undergrad Years

Graduation day is fast approaching! As I ponder how to get across the stage without tripping, here is a look back at some of my favorite memories of Indiana State.

  • Registration day: First I registered and they told me they had me in the College of Ed for Psych Ed.  I said there was no way in heck that I was ever going to be a teacher (though I had mentioned guidance counselor before) and demanded they switch me over to undetermined.  Later in the day I got separated from my group and was wondering around campus, and it's amazing I ever made it back.
  • That same day, I bounced a pencil shaped stress ball off my group leaders head...he was super cute, and I guess I reverted to Kingergarten style flirting.  Sadly it did not win me a date.
  • Back up to Scholarship interviews, the director asks who was sure they were going to win a scholarship that day, my hand shoots up, I look around... and no one else has their hand raised.  I was almost embarrassed, until I figured out I had impressed him and made everyone else incredibly jealous.  Luckily, they made an honest woman out of me and I won it.
  • One of the first Intervarsity Christian Fellowship events I was at we played sand volleyball.  I got up to serve and nailed about 12 aces in a row against the boys.  I think that is when I unknowingly sealed my status as alpha female.  Conveniently, most of the boys don't remember that day.
  • My first roommate and I almost never talked to each other. She would talk to my friends but not me, and I would laugh at how dumb hers were ("Like, do you think, like, they have black sheeps that make black uggs out of?? Where, like, do you think they find those??").  Good grief.
  • My best friend and I:  one time I dead legged her and her contact popped out of her eye.  Another time I scared her when she came out of the bathroom and she retwisted her ankle (and I died laughing).  She repaid the favor by sneezing literally in my face one day in the car (and again I died laughing).  I think I am still ahead, because at Thunder Over Louisville a few years ago she wiped powdered sugar in my hair, so I smacked the funnel cake plate and sent a cloud of sugar all over her.  What are best friends for, am I right?
  • My interview for the IT Help Desk.  I walk in, said "hi my name is Jenna" and immediately got the response of "we see you have excellent communication skills" and I got the job. 
  • Being recruited so to speak for the GIS Help Desk, which did not involve nights and weekends unlike the IT was gettting ready to, and helping this same guy through almost every project he did.  I think he has my email on speed dial.
  • The year of my single.  I went way overboard on decorating and that room looked like a clown had thrown up in it with all the multicolored picture frames I had.  I still don't know what possessed me to do that.
  • The Asian Invasion and Fratitude.  I won't miss either of these boys.  I currently haven't seen the Asian Invasion for a few weeks now and I am not sad about that.  Fratitude did friend request me again, basically so he could get my final exam answers, which I just claimed I hadn't had time to finish my take home exam yet. 
  • Chasing my best friend (who was on crutches) down to hold an umbrella while she walked to class.  Not that it was hard to chase her down...but we had a really good bonding moment.
  • Making Christmas Cards for Lighthouse Mission.  It will always be one of my favorite charity places, and I know that money would have been more useful than 150 cards, but I have to believe that someone really enjoyed getting a handmade card that season.  I still wish I had done it more.
  • Finding myself in the GIS program:  this program has changed my life for the better in so many ways and I really felt at home here.  I have become so close to so many of my professors, and I know I will truly miss them after graduation.  They told me they unanimously and without debate nominated me to be the outstanding senior for the department, and this meant the world to me.  They said it was the first time an agreement had come so easily.  I really feel like I was able to leave something behind here and really make a difference, and that is all I have ever wanted.
Hopefully in a few days I won't be blogging about tripping at graduation, or getting lost on my trip I am taking shortly after.  We shall see! Pin It Now!

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