Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Weekend, In Review.

Well, after being quite the little hermit this winter, I have finally come out of my cave and rejoined the ranks of the social.  What has changed since winter to bring this about, you ask?

First and arguably foremost, I started up yoga again a few months back.  Yoga makes me feel pretty good really and arguably a lot calmer (placebo Zen I suppose).  Then I added pushups and stuff into my routine, and planned it out to where I can go fluidly from one pose to another (shut up real yoga enthusiasts, I like it this way).  Then from yoga, I very recently expanded out to Zumba nearly daily.  I do about 20-30 minutes on my Xbox Kinect, depending on the day and how much I can get through before I am ready to collapse on the floor.  And sometimes I pull out some of the Zumba dances in the shower, which should not be done with any moves where you can't keep your feet planted.

All of this exercise is really paying off.  I dropped back under 150 for a bit earlier this week, after getting back up to my highest of 160 last summer.  Now, the only negative part about this is my dress pants I bought last summer don't really fit now...

THANKFULLY! I will just buy more pencil skirts, which is what I wanted to do anyway.  I am really starting to believe that when you are a teen you are super self-conscious and then when you hit your 20's and 30's you have more potential to feel sexy and happy with your looks.  My theory, at least.

But regardless, I feel a lot like I did back in my volleyball days (though not with as much toned muscle as I had then, fair trade for not having to lift weights).  You really don't realize how much better you feel active until you get back in to it.  But like I have always said, use it or lose it.  Work those muscles and move those joints or feel like a noodle.

And not even a whole wheat noodle, the real cheap starchy ones that don't cook right because they are some weird brand no one has heard of.  THOSE NOODLES.

Second event in the hermit exodus was connecting with new friends.  I have grown out of a lot of my old friends, not surprising as everyone is often at different stages of their life at this point, and I have always preferred to be around people who are a little older than me.  It is interesting but I had always heard that the friends you make in your college years are the ones you keep the longest and I have to agree.  I have met people these past 4 years that I would not trade for the world.  And this year has been especially good for meeting new friends, including recently.  It is great to find new people that you literally don't want to stop talking to.

I have also developed this very convenient new mindset of "I really don't care I am going to do it anyway".  This helped me a ton this weekend, because I was going to Thunder Over Louisville...and it was going to be the usual cold weather that everyone who has seen the past 4 years of Thunder is starting to grow very accustomed to.  My reaction was not to pansy out, but do go do it anyway! My sister and I went and met up with some of her friends and had a complete BLAST.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the actual show, they started playing Whitney's sing "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" and the ones on the bridge started swaying all around and it was just really well arranged.

My gripe with Thunder is either I missed it or they did not play Star Wars music this year and I have a bit of a beef with that Oh Thunder Planners...FIX IT.

But seriously this show is always great and worth going to in any halfway survivable weather.  Not to mention on the cold years the crowds are smaller and then it is even better.  So if you have never are a loser.

TOTALLY KIDDING! But you really should consider it at some point.  It is Disney quality type over the topness.  Maybe even better (but I am clearly biased).

I topped off my excellent weekend with a midnight run to IHOP, which I haven't done in forever!  If you have not been at IHOP extremely late (or early, if you are a pessimist haha) guess it...loser. Where is your sense of adventure?!?

Every now and then in life, I find people that I could talk to for hours and possibly even not stop talking to.  Sadly, being at Thunder all day and shivering all day really wore me out, but I did at least make it at IHOP until around 3 without being a complete zombie.

Well...not a zombie that I know of, there is a good chance I could have not made a bit of sense and never realized it...

Maybe it's the Zumba/Yoga, maybe it's the friends, maybe it's the degree that's coming, but whatever is causing it I am extremely happy.  I am happy with life, I am happy with me, and more importantly as a girl I am officially happy with my body.  I mean I am not saying it's perfect by any means, it could definitely use some extra toning (lookin' at you, tummy) but if it never happened I would be just fine with my size.  I'm not nearly perfect, and it doesn't need to be either.

I can tell you right now, it is a freeing feeling.  If you always compare yourself to Barbie, who is anatomically impossible, or to the models in the magazine, who are air brushed clearly because anyone that is my height and weighs less than me would have a fully visible rib cage (I can even see the bottom of mine) you will never be happy. But if you can look at yourself and recognize everything you have going for you, it's amazing. 

OH! And this weekend included a successful test trial on a DIY I have been curious about.

Ah, weekends.  They take so long to get here and leave to quickly. Time really does fly when you are having fun! Pin It Now!

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