Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I May Have Already Showered, but it's NEVER Too Late for a Soapbox.

Clever title was it not?

I am going to go ahead and warn any readers out there that if you are not interested in reading a highly opinionated blog post, you might want to just skip over this one.  I don't always get on a rant, but when I do it's usually pretty heated.

Politicians drive me bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S, you're welcome for getting that song stuck in your head).  As far as I am concerned, this entire political stage for the 2012 elections is a complete and utter sham.  I mean really, we have spent the first couple of months and debates talking about birth control of all things? I personally think that this was brought to the forefront to keep people's attention off of other things.  I am not touting a conspiracy theory, I am touting well-deployed spin.

Why in the world are we even having this debate? Birth control? Really? I mean first off, if it did go through where everyone had to offer it, it is not saying that everyone has to USE it.  Your insurance right now might cover an abortion and it doesn't mean you are going out and having one daily.  I am sure my insurance covers a lot of things that I would never use and probably don't support.  But if you don't want it don't use it.

I don't support abortion, but I could see cases in which a person would have serious issues with going through with the pregnancy.  I am not here to tell people what they can and cannot do.  So if my insurance company covered it, that's fine I just wouldn't use it.  But there again, I do suppose that you could argue that freedom of choice should allow the insurance companies to pick what they cover.  Really, I think you can argue either way here.

But the point is, it isn't even something we should be arguing about.  This should not be the main focus of this election.  We have MUCH bigger issues than who gets the pill for free, don't you think? Forget the abortion issue for a moment, make the pill OTC for about 10 or 15 bucks, and start focusing on things that matter.

Like maybe the economy.

Or the education system.  I cannot fathom why politicians think it is best to cut funding on education.  Education is what keeps the VAST majority of our (and every other country's) population out of poverty.  Ever noticed that some of the best economies sport the best education systems? Hmm, wonder why that is...

Maybe it is the ability to innovate, which is best done by knowing the principles of various sciences, having the ability to problem solve, and knowing math that is more complex than 2+2. 

Technology is king in this day and age.  We have gotten ourselves addicted to it and there will be no going back.  But our country needs to be pumping money in to education to make sure that it is OUR PEOPLE who our innovating, creating, designing, etc.  Why are we spending exhorbitant amounts to have someone else do it for us? Have we really become that complacent and out of touch? Now is not the time to be getting comfy on the couch, now is the time to be kicking butt and taking technological names.  And of course it should still involve globalization principles and give and take with other country, but right now there is no buy and sell going on for's mostly just buy. 

We are like a teenage girl with her daddy's credit card. Not that I ever got to experience that.

Why don't we cut back in programs that maybe people aren't as interested in right now? Why not cut back in nuclear study funding, since most people are a little hesitant after the Japan mishap.  I don't know all the programs and I don't know where the most money is spent.

Which brings me to another opinion- I think the government budget down to the PENNY should be public and more easily accessed.  And maybe it is and I just don't know about it.  I might have to google that here in a bit.

Personally I think some programs need to be reformed, such as welfare.  First off, there is absolutely no reason that people should be having multiple babies and "not" knowing who the father is.  If you can't remember who all you slept with, I really don't think I should have to support you and your questionable way of living.  And if you are lying just to get the benefits, I really don't think I should have to support you.  And if you are living multiple welfare families in the same house and driving a Cadillac, I DEFINITELY don't feel like I owe you anything.

Why is it that the people who manipulate the system get away with stuff like that?

I think welfare should have limits.  Limits like, fine we will fund the first illegitimate baby, but the second will be only half as much, and if you go past two you are not getting funding for them.  Come on people, we can allll figure out how to not have random babies for the most part. Or limits that are like unemployment, where it only goes so long, you have to be looking for a job, but they offer you training in various things.  There could be daycares that are government funded to watch the babies while these women get back in the work force.  And yes, I VERY MUCH support drug testing for welfare recipients.  In fact, I support drug testing for pretty much everything.  I really don't mind if I have to pee in a cup, and would argue that the only people that do mind are the ones shooting up.  But forgive me if I don't think we should support drug abuse and that I don't think you have the constitutional right to be a complete idiot.

How dare me.

AND FINALLY, I am super annoyed at young ladies these days.  Give me a break, why are they all getting knocked up at 16 (partially blaming MTV for rewarding them with TV shows).  Ladies, its a dog eat dog world out there and the job market is getting more and more competitive.  Now our gentlemen friends, they don't have quite as hard of a time as they can easily go military, construction, state road crew, etc. and find a job.  But ladies, we are just not always that fortunate.  Sure there's secretarial positions...but there's also ever smarter phone answering systems and call centers in the Middle East.  So why on earth are you having babies, not going to college, and working at Burger King....WHY IS THAT OK?!  Burger King is a great summer job or second job or part time job...but do really want it to be your entire life's job...

I'll be the first to admit that grad school isn't for everyone and maybe college isn't always either.  But it really is somewhat necessary to be a successful female.  I am not saying we are disadvantaged by any means but we sell ourselves short.  So many have it in their head that they have to have a baby the second a guy says they love him or they have to get married the second they are out of school and I just want to scream "WHY?!"  Is it that tragic of a thought to you to be alone? To be successful in your own right? To know you could make it solo if you had to?

I'm gonna get a bit morbid and Debbie-downer here for a sec.  What if your husband dies? What if he dies and it is just you, on your own, trying to make it with your minimum wage job?  Don't you imagine that might be hard? Or what if the economy crashes again but worse (God forbid).  And sure...a $30,000 salary added to a $40,000 salary is great and all...but how much more could you do if one was a $70,000? 

Every single state should encourage more people to get degrees.  And more specialized ones.  Country needs more engineers? Offer incentives (as if you need an incentive to be an engineer).  Education is the fastest way out of poverty, its hugely integral to a working economy, and it's important to life in general.  But there's no reason the government couldn't offer incentives to get people to do what they want.  Bribery always works for me on choosing colleges :).

Teach people how to think.  Teach them how to support themselves.  It is like that give a dude a fish and he is happy for dinner but will come back and mooch off you again later whereas you teach a dude to fish and he will leave you alone because he no longer needs you...give or take a few liberal changes to the real saying.  Good grief teach people TO THINK (as in before they hop in to bed with every guy they see and then wonder how the baby happened).  We suck information in like sponges and half of us are not equipt to sift through real versus exaggerated and come to our own conclusions.

And if I see one more person acting like tanning is the highlight of their day I am going to snap.  If tan is the only way you like how you look, might I suggest a shrink?

Other countries used to experience Brain Drain because their best and brightest were coming to America to get degrees and education and then were staying here for the opportunities.  And they STILL ARE...but the problem is our own people aren't always using the same resources. This is something that would be a debate far better spent than fighting over birth control. 

I feel much better after getting all of that out.  If any of this rubbed you the wrong way, deal with it.  I will HAPPILY rant about this notion of "politically correct" some other day.  Blame it on the red in my hair ;). Pin It Now!

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