Sunday, April 15, 2012

In Case You Haven't Heard...

I feel like it is my civic duty to inform anyone meandering to the deepest corners of the Internet to read my blog of all of the things that they may not have heard of but really need to try out. Now some of you trend setting hipsters may already be well attuned to some of this...but hopefully some of this may be a delightful tip you thank me for later. So without any further ado, I give you the however long this ends up list, since knowing what I will get to would involve planning what I'm going to say. Which to me, defeats the purpose of blogging.

Oh right. I said without further bad.

1. Ben Rector and Needtobreathe. First off, if you haven't heard of needtobreathe you are a disgrace to humanity. Haha just kidding, but you really do need to check out their music. My personal favorite of all time is "Girl Named Tennessee" and "A Place Only You Can Go" from their newest album is a very close second. Not only have I enjoyed them for a year or so, but thanks to my liking them I found myself at a concert where I was introduced (sadly not in reality but at least in my head) to Ben Rector himself. He is not a part of needtobreathe, but instead is who opened for them. And he is spectacular. During Ben Rector's performance the band played a version of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" that is arguably the best version I have heard. YouTube that junk. NOW. You will thank me later. The band is on iTunes. Thank me twice.

2. Chobani Champions Orange Vanilla Greek Yogurt. Get your bum to the nearest Meijer or Target and raid every single store in the area until you find this. It has I believe 8g of protein (I currently have no desire to go look at the official number as my bed is too comfortable) in this tiny little cup of yogurt. And it tastes like real oranges. It's delicious. I don't even like orange juice. But I love this. And am obsessed. Most of the champions flavors are delightful but this one wins hands down. And they are geared toward kids so they are smaller than the usual huge cups of Greek yogurt.

3. Meijer's flavored oils. Use them on pizzas, dip bread in them, do whatever. They are fantastic. They have a garlic, sun dried tomato, and a Tuscan blend. Perfection.

4. Kindle Publishing. Writing a book? Ever wanted to write a book? Look in to Kindle Publishing. It's free, they just get part of the royalties.

5. Mixing cream cheese and pesto. Ok seriously these two were made for each other. Mix a fat free cream cheese with a little bit of pesto and you have an EXCELLENT spread.

6. Plain Greek yogurt dips. I have seen a lot of recipes on pinterest that call for plain yogurt for funfetti dip and things like that- NO! Don't use stupid plain yogurt use Greek. It has protein! I personally plan to use it for ranch dips and stuff like that.

7. Kellogg's FiberPlus chocolate caramel coconut granola bars. If you like girl scout cookies...these taste identical. Get your fix all year round.

8. Fig Bars. Not fig newtons, these are actually Nature's Bakery brand Fig Bars. I have found them at Meijer near the checkout lanes pretty successfully, but other than amazon I haven't looked for them a lot online. But fig newtons WISH they were this good. They blow them out of the water.

9. Moleskin. You can find this stuf near Dr. Scholl's foot inserts and it's great for putting in the back of your heels that rub or under flip flop straps that have scratchy places.

And finally, my personal favorite:

10. Republic of Tea. RUN don't WALK to your nearest Whole Foods or yuppie hub and stand in wonder at the sheer volume of flavors. As an incredibly persnickety human when it comes to hot tea, I have yet to find a flavor that did not blow my mind. I could be bribed in RoT canisters. The Vanilla Almond is quite possibly the most uncanny tastealike to a liquid desert that could ever exist. It's heavenly. I brewed it once with a tornado bearing down on the area just because I love it that much.

Alright fine the tornado wasn't hitting near my house and we didn't realize it was in the area until my sister called.

But you get the point.

So, broaden your horizons and try all these things. You might just be pleasantly surprised! Pin It Now!

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