Monday, July 23, 2012

365 Days of Do

I have been pondering over the last few weeks of kicking off a 365 day personally challenge to do some new craft or cooking thing each day. I have started brainstorming ideas and have been debating on exactly what kind of challenge I want it to be. Here are my thoughts so far: I want to do a craft or food each day for the next year, I want it to be predominantly upcycled crafts and using things that I already have on hand. I think I may even try to go so far as to record how much it cost me, or approximate how much it would cost to do. I think that's always helpful to know. This whole challenge idea has led to another conclusion. People should do something they love every single day. We all need to make more time for the things we love. You love to read? Try a chapter or half a chapter each night. Love to cook? Try something new whenever you can, and cook something each night. You love photography? That's a great one to do daily. The point is, no matter who you are you can find something that you would love to do each and every day. Some people right now are probably thinking that they don't have the time... God gave each of us 24 hours a day. Find the time. Find the time for you to be happy! We have to devote some to ourselves sometimes, but it doesn't mean that your special moment can't involve others. I would totally include others on my 365 days of do should they want to join! So for a short blog as a gear up to craft til my little heart is content, I leave with this. Don't be another person that falls into the ruts of society where life is a constant broken record, same ole same in and out day after day. Find the time to make each day special, because you only have a set number of them to enjoy. Color outside the lines and go beyond what has already been done. Can't find a recipe for something you think would be good? Make one yourself. Think you could make something better handmade? DO IT! Rip in clothes? Fix it! The possibilities are endless and the memories will be fantastic. Include your family in on it and make it meaningful. And be prepared on August 1 for the kickoff of my 365 Days of Do! And as always, forgive me for typing errors in this one, I'm blogging from my phone! Smaller screens wreak havoc on my accuracy ;). Pin It Now!

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