Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cucumber Dill Chicken Salad

- 6 oz shredded chicken
-1/2 to 1 c Greek yogurt 
-1 large cucumber, diced
-1/2 c chickpeas
-1.5 TB dill
-2 TB parsley
-dash oregano
-pinch of lemon zest
-salt and pepper to taste
Mix all of these ingredients up and season to your taste. You can also add olives to this or even feta cheese and adapt it as preferred. 

This is something we have been using a lot for snacks, and it is best chilled overnight but can be eaten immediately as well. This involves a lot of healthy ingredients and is packed with healthy ingredients. This makes it in to our meal plans multiple times per month. It is a great summer picnic snack, and one that won't heat up your kitchen. 

Cook the chicken in your crockpot overnight on low for an even easier assembly with essentially no heat required! 

Happy crafting!
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